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As for now we accept only letters with cash. Orders are sent 2-3 days after receiving money. You may send email at farfromshowbiz[AT]gmail[DOT]com for additional info. We can't take responsibility for your money! You pay once for shipment, no matter how big is order. Na terenie Polski przesyłka wliczona.
Wojciech Konieczny
ul. Szlak 16b/8
31-161 Kraków

FFS010 OVDK - Recognize Your Disease
Ambient from japan. Whishperings, drone/industrial elements, 54 min of atmospheric music.
PRICE - 2 euro +4 euro shipment / POLAND 8zl

FFS009 Ego Death/Retro - Split
Split [greece/poland], 41min of noise/harshnoise. ED plays 'quiet' noise, R plays raw harsnoise full of screams and aggresion.
PRICE - 2 euro +4 euro shipment / POLAND 8zl

FFS008 Neverberated/Retro - Duudlr Morbee'
Split [russia/poland], 20min of harshnoise. Last part of 'semihuman trilogy'.
Also the last album of Neverberated.
PRICE - 2 euro +4 euro shipment / POLAND 8zl

FFS007 Retro/Never - Rivers Of Sperm
Split [poland/russia], 64min of trash/harsh noise.
PRICE - 2 euro +4 euro shipment / POLAND 8zl

FFS006 Sujoy - Brand New Day ?
'Retro antimusic'. Album was made in 3 years. Great atmosphere. "Vulture" track was recorded in cooperation with Retro. 55min.
PRICE - 2 euro + 4 euro shipment / POLAND 8zl

FFS005 Monsters At Work - Noise Cumpilation Part I
Compilation of polish noiseheads. Everything from harsh to experiment
. Projects involved:
astma, sb7, scordatura, ironlung, xv parowek, jesus is a noise commander, retro, the sleep sessions, antihuman, akk, nojsens, side result, total client comfort. Lenght - 57min.
PRICE - 3 euro + 4 euro shipment / POLAND 10zl

FFS004 Ajaxfree - In Dogs We Trust
Sudden attack on senses. 30-minute n n n n n n noise and , as a gift, mixes of sepultura and nasum. you could write a lot but what for ? perfect cuts, samples, NOISE fuck NOISE ! What more would you like ? only lack of naked chicks and carnival.
PRICE - 2 € + 4 € shipment / POLAND - 8zl

FFS003 Ajaxfree - 10 31'30"
26 minutes of abstract music, anti-music, noise, disharmonics and experimental cut&;paste . at the same time everything sounds rather "swingy" and can lead you into a fairytale mood. lots of metallic cuts, lead and alluminium, no wood.
PRICE - 2 € + 4 € shipment / POLAND - 8zl

FFS002 Oubliette - Sore Edict
Second CDr made by FFS was recorded in 2005 by Seth/Oubliette in his bedroom in clyo-lair, georgia. No studio, no computer editing software. The sounds on this release are audio collages mixed with low-fi noise. Most of the noise was created by Oubliette's mouth and from objects in his home: coffee maker, sink faucet, heater/air vents. The collages are from movie samples which oubliette feels explains his ideas. This release sounds unique for Oubliette. Some tracks have drone-guitar; some are field recordings of fireworks. I hope all will enjoy. Please email me any questions to themangledhand[at]gmail[dot]com. So how does it sounds like?: a lot of crazy lo-fi homenoise.! Beware of of your coffe maker.
PRICE - 2 € + 4 € shipment / POLAND - 8zl

FFS001 Splinter Vs Stalin - Gustoso! / Ajaxfree - We Are Here To Fuck Your Ears

2CD italian-brazilian noise-split set, numbered by hand, limited to 50 copies. 2 professionally printed cd-r's, packed in a dvd box. Colour inlay was prepared especially for girls who expect something more of their clothes - thanks to the inlay you're going to impress your date! You're going to show off to your groupmates! You're going to show your mum that you have style and class! Both parts of the split are mutual abstract remixes with a little note of decadence and religious ecstasy. Mit Gruessen vom Vatikan.
PRICE - 4 € + 4 € shipment / POLAND - 16zl